Completed Project Reports

Department of Transportation (DOT)      
Project   #  Project Title  PI Last Name PI First Name  Completion Date 
MBTC DOT   3001 A Model to Design a National   High-Speed Network for Freight Distribution Meller Russell Jul-08
MBTC DOT   3002 Performance Prediction of the   Strong Company's Soft Ground Arrestor System Using a Numerical Analysis Heymsfield Ernie Oct-09
MBTC DOT   3003 Acceleration Lane Design for   Higher Truck Volumes Gattis J.L Dec-08
MBTC DOT   3004 Potential Application of   Nanotechnologyon Cement Based Materials Selvam Panneer Aug-09
MBTC DOT   3005 A Model-Based Risk Mape for   Roadway Traffic Crashes Nam Chang S. Jul-08
MBTC DOT   3006 Identification and Analysis of   Points and Segments of High Fatality Crashes Bham Ghulam Feb-09
MBTC DOT   3007 Solar Powered Lighting for   Overhead Highway Signs Patangia Hirak Jun-09
MBTC DOT   3008 Emergency Response via Inland   Waterways Nachtmann Heather Dec-09
MBTC DOT   3009 Economics Issues Related to   Continuous Supercritical Biodiesel Production Babcock Robert E. Feb-10
MBTC DOT   3010 A Cost-Driven Policy Approach   for Development of On-Street and Off-Street Bicycle, Multi-Use and Single-Use   Paths and Related Facilities Crone John Jul-09
MBTC DOT   3011 Analysis of Transportation   Network Design Strategies for Forced Transfer Busing Mason Scott Dec-09
MBTC DOT   3012 Examining the Effects of Mixer   Type and Temperature on the Properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Hale Micah Aug-10
MBTC DOT   3013 Accelerated Characterization of   Full-Scale Flexible Pavements Using a Vibrosesis Cox Brady Mar-10
MBTC DOT   3014 A Prototype Remote Structural Health and Security Monitoring System for Bridges Grimmelsman Kirk Oct-14
MBTC DOT   3015 Rapid Condition Screening of Bridges by Falling Weight Deflectometer Grimmelsman Kirk Oct-14
MBTC DOT   3016 AHTD Cracking Protocol   Application with Automated Distress Survey for Design and Management Wang Kelvin Mar-11
MBTC DOT   3017 Practical Recommendations for   Evaluation and Mitigation of Soil Liquefaction in Arkansas Cox Brady Feb-11
MBTC DOT   3018 The Production of Butanol Fuel   from Renewable Systems Using a Membrane Assisted Fermentation System Hestekin Jamie Mar-11
MBTC DOT   3019 Network Design Analysis for   Special Needs Student Services Mason Scott Jun-10
MBTC DOT   3020 Performance of Flexible Pavement   Systems Containing Geosynthetic Separators Coffman Richard Mar-12
MBTC DOT   3021 Performance of Prestressed   Girders Cast with LWSCC Hale Micah Aug-12
MBTC DOT   3022 Nanotechnology-Based   Improvements for Portland Cement Concrete - Phase I Selvam R. Panneer Aug-12
MBTC DOT   3023 Automated Survey of Pavement   Distress Based on 2D and 3D Laser Images Wang Kelvin Nov-11
MBTC DOT   3024 Rail Transportation Models for   Rural Populations Rainwater Chase Oct-11
MBTC DOT   3025 Biodiesel Waste Products as Soil   Amendments - Evaluation of Microbial, Biological, and Plant Toxicity Soerens Thomas Nov-11
MBTC DOT   3026 Relative Advantages and   Disadvantages of Independent Contractor Status: A Survey of Owner-Operators'   Opinions and Rationale Johnson Steven Nov-11
MBTC DOT   3027 The Development of Novel and   Non-Invasive Germplasm Selections Native to Arkansas for Highway   Re-vegetation Projects McDonald Garry Mar-12
MBTC DOT   3028 Models for Disaster Relief   Shelter Location and Supply Routing Milburn Ashlea Feb-13
MBTC DOT   3029 Economic Evaluation of Arkansas Inland Waterways and Potential Disruption Impacts Nachtmann Heather June-14
MBTC DOT   3030 Performance of Prestressed Girders Cast with LWSCC - Phase II Hale Micah Mar-12
MBTC DOT   3031 Identification   of Expansive Soils Using Remote Sensing and In-situ Field Measurements -   Phase I Coffman Richard  Oct-12
MBTC DOT   3032 Site-Specific   Seismic Ground Motion Analyses for Transportation Infrastructure in the New   Madrid Seismic Zone Cox Brady  Nov-12
MBTC DOT   3033 Exploring Different Forms of   Base Stabilization Braham Andrew Jul-12
MBTC DOT   3034 Biodiesel Waste Products as Soil   Amendments - Field Study and Runoff Impacts Soerens Thomas Aug-12
MBTC DOT   9312 Development of a Large-Scale   Transportation Optimization Course Root Sarah Nov-11
MBTC 4000 Alkali Silica Reaction Mitigation & Prevention Measures-Phase I Hale Micah Dec-16
MBTC 4001 Regional Economic Impact Study for the McClellan Kerr Arkansas River Nachtmann Heather Oct-15
Department   of Homeland Security (DHS)      
Project   #  Project Title  PI Last Name PI First Name  Completion Date 
MBTC DHS   1101 Designing Resilient and   Sustainable Supply Networks Pohl Edward Mar-12
MBTC DHS   1102 Model for Disaster Relief   Shelter Location and Supply Routing Rossetti Manuel Feb-10
MBTC DHS   1103 Automated Real-Time Object   Detection and Recognition on Transportation Facilities  Wang Kelvin Feb-10
MBTC DHS   1104 Structural Health Monitoring and Assessment of Critical Intermodal Transportation Infrastructure Elements Grimmelsman Kirk  Oct-14
MBTC DHS   1105 Information Enhancement Among   Aviation Security Partners Chimka Justin Apr-11
MBTC DHS   1106  Emergency Response via Inland   Waterways Nachtmann Heather Jul-11
MBTC DHS   1107  Practices and Technologies in   Hazardous Material Transportation and Security Wang Kelvin Nov-11
MBTC DHS   1108  Sustaining Resilient Inland   Waterways via Renewable Energy Nachtmann Heather Jul-11
MBTC DHS   1109 Models for Mitigating Dynamic   Risk in Multi-Modal Perishable Commodity Supply Chain Networks/span> Pohl Ed


Maritime Transportation Research and Education Center (MarTREC)       
MBTC 5001 Dynamic Decision Modeling for Inland Waterway Disruptions Zhang Shengfan  Dec-16
MBTC 5002 Optimal Dredge Fleet Scheduling within Environmental Work Windows Rainwater Chase Aug-16
MBTC 5003 Efficient Dredging Strategies for Improving Transportation Infrastructure Resilience Sullivan Kelly  Dec-16 
MBTC 5004 Economic Impacts of Lock Usage and Unavailabilities Chimka Justin Aug-16
MBTC 5005 Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways Nachtmann Heather Aug-18 
MBTC 5006 Rapid and non-destructive assessment of levees for strength and liquefaction resistance Wood Clint July-17 
MBTC 5007 Multimodal Transport and TransLoad Facilities in Arkansas Chimka Justin Jan-15
MBTC 5008 Climate Impacts on Lock Use and Performance Chimka Justin Sept-18 
MBTC 5009 Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways: Phase Two Nachtmann Heather Aug-18 
MBTC 5010 Optimal Dredge Fleet Scheduling - Phase 2  Rainwater Chase  Dec-17
MBTC 5011 Evaluating the Performance of Intermodal Connectors in Arkansas Hernandez Sarah Sept-18 
MBTC 5012 Corrosion-tolerant pre-stressed CFRP fatigue retrofits for improved waterway lock reliability Prinz Gary Sept-18 
MBTC 5013 Predicting Soil Type from Non-destructive Geophysical Data using Bayesian Statistical Methods Bernhardt Michelle Sept-18
MBTC 6001 Trade-Off Analytics for Infrastructure Preservation Parnell Greg Dec-19
MBTC 6002 Learning from USACE Open Data for Locks Chimka Justin  
MBTC 6003 Fatigue Crack Control in Waterway Lock Gate Pintle Locations Subjected to Multi-Modal Fracture Prinz Gary Mar-21
MBTC 6004 Modeling Dynamic Behavior of Navigable Inland Waterways Nachtmann Heather  
MBTC 6005 Informing Post-Disaster Restoration through Modeling Interdependent Agriculture and Transportation Networks Pinkley Sarah  
MBTC 6006 Using CSA Cement for Novel Waterway Repair Materials Murray Cameron  
MBTC 6007 Exposure to STEM: Diversity in Maritime Transportation Coffman Rick Sept-19
MBTC 6008 Combining Truck and Vessel Tracking Data to Estimate Performance and Impacts of Inland Ports Hernandez Sarah Oct-20
MBTC 6009 Interdisciplinary Educational Outreach with Traffic Sensor Build Kits Hernandez Sarah Jul-20
MBTC 6010 Rapid Assessment of Internal Erosion Damage and Erodibility in Levees Barry Michelle  
MBTC 6011 Identifying Critical Waterway Infrastructure and Managing Risk Associated with Natural Disasters Barry Michelle  
MBTC 6012 Port Infrastructure Resilience through Combined Wind-Surge Demand Characterization Prinz Gary  
MBTC 6013 A Policy and Infrastructure Evaluation Model of Commodity Flows through Inland Waterway Ports Hernandez Sarah  
MBTC 6014 Measures of Freight Network Resiliency: An expanded data capture of Truck Drivers and Support Services under Pandemic Distress Hernandez Sarah Sept-20
NSF Project

Data Simulation to Support Interdependence Modeling of a Multimodal Transportation Network

Liao Haito August-20
Southern Plains Transportation Center        
SPTC 14.1-20 Evaluation of Surface Treatments to Migigate ASR Hale Micah Dec-19
SPTC 14.1-21 Impact of Extreme Summer Temperatures on Bridge Structures Hale Micah Dec-19
SPTC 14.1-81 Development of the MASW Method for Pavement Evaluation Wood Clint Jul-16
SPTC 14.1-58 Evaluation and Repair of Bridges in Extreme Environments Prinz Gary Jan-16
SPTC 15.1-20 The Effects of Weather Events on Truck Traffic Using Fixed and Mobile Traffic Sensors Hernandez Sarah Dec-17
SPTC 15.1-25 The Dependence of Infrastructure Restoration on Transportation Networks Nurre Sarah Sept-18
SPTC 15.1-33 Geophysical Assessment of Subsurface Soil Conditions Using Capacitively Coupled Resistivity Wood Clinton Jun-18