Completed Project Reports

Department of Transportation (DOT)      
Project   #  Project Title  PI Last Name PI First Name  Completion Date 
MBTC DOT   3001 A Model to Design a National   High-Speed Network for Freight Distribution Meller Russell Jul-08
MBTC DOT   3002 Performance Prediction of the   Strong Company's Soft Ground Arrestor System Using a Numerical Analysis Heymsfield Ernie Oct-09
MBTC DOT   3003 Acceleration Lane Design for   Higher Truck Volumes Gattis J.L Dec-08
MBTC DOT   3004 Potential Application of   Nanotechnologyon Cement Based Materials Selvam Panneer Aug-09
MBTC DOT   3005 A Model-Based Risk Mape for   Roadway Traffic Crashes Nam Chang S. Jul-08
MBTC DOT   3006 Identification and Analysis of   Points and Segments of High Fatality Crashes Bham Ghulam Feb-09
MBTC DOT   3007 Solar Powered Lighting for   Overhead Highway Signs Patangia Hirak Jun-09
MBTC DOT   3008 Emergency Response via Inland   Waterways Nachtmann Heather Dec-09
MBTC DOT   3009 Economics Issues Related to   Continuous Supercritical Biodiesel Production Babcock Robert E. Feb-10
MBTC DOT   3010 A Cost-Driven Policy Approach   for Development of On-Street and Off-Street Bicycle, Multi-Use and Single-Use   Paths and Related Facilities Crone John Jul-09
MBTC DOT   3011 Analysis of Transportation   Network Design Strategies for Forced Transfer Busing Mason Scott Dec-09
MBTC DOT   3012 Examining the Effects of Mixer   Type and Temperature on the Properties of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Hale Micah Aug-10
MBTC DOT   3013 Accelerated Characterization of   Full-Scale Flexible Pavements Using a Vibrosesis Cox Brady Mar-10
MBTC DOT   3014 A Prototype Remote Structural Health and Security Monitoring System for Bridges Grimmelsman Kirk Oct-14
MBTC DOT   3015 Rapid Condition Screening of Bridges by Falling Weight Deflectometer Grimmelsman Kirk Oct-14
MBTC DOT   3016 AHTD Cracking Protocol   Application with Automated Distress Survey for Design and Management Wang Kelvin Mar-11
MBTC DOT   3017 Practical Recommendations for   Evaluation and Mitigation of Soil Liquefaction in Arkansas Cox Brady Feb-11
MBTC DOT   3018 The Production of Butanol Fuel   from Renewable Systems Using a Membrane Assisted Fermentation System Hestekin Jamie Mar-11
MBTC DOT   3019 Network Design Analysis for   Special Needs Student Services Mason Scott Jun-10
MBTC DOT   3020 Performance of Flexible Pavement   Systems Containing Geosynthetic Separators Coffman Richard Mar-12
MBTC DOT   3021 Performance of Prestressed   Girders Cast with LWSCC Hale Micah Aug-12
MBTC DOT   3022 Nanotechnology-Based   Improvements for Portland Cement Concrete - Phase I Selvam R. Panneer Aug-12
MBTC DOT   3023 Automated Survey of Pavement   Distress Based on 2D and 3D Laser Images Wang Kelvin Nov-11
MBTC DOT   3024 Rail Transportation Models for   Rural Populations Rainwater Chase Oct-11
MBTC DOT   3025 Biodiesel Waste Products as Soil   Amendments - Evaluation of Microbial, Biological, and Plant Toxicity Soerens Thomas Nov-11
MBTC DOT   3026 Relative Advantages and   Disadvantages of Independent Contractor Status: A Survey of Owner-Operators'   Opinions and Rationale Johnson Steven Nov-11
MBTC DOT   3027 The Development of Novel and   Non-Invasive Germplasm Selections Native to Arkansas for Highway   Re-vegetation Projects McDonald Garry Mar-12
MBTC DOT   3028 Models for Disaster Relief   Shelter Location and Supply Routing Milburn Ashlea Feb-13
MBTC DOT   3029 Economic Evaluation of Arkansas Inland Waterways and Potential Disruption Impacts Nachtmann Heather June-14
MBTC DOT   3030 Performance of Prestressed Girders Cast with LWSCC - Phase II Hale Micah Mar-12
MBTC DOT   3031 Identification   of Expansive Soils Using Remote Sensing and In-situ Field Measurements -   Phase I Coffman Richard  Oct-12
MBTC DOT   3032 Site-Specific   Seismic Ground Motion Analyses for Transportation Infrastructure in the New   Madrid Seismic Zone Cox Brady  Nov-12
MBTC DOT   3033 Exploring Different Forms of   Base Stabilization Braham Andrew Jul-12
MBTC DOT   3034 Biodiesel Waste Products as Soil   Amendments - Field Study and Runoff Impacts Soerens Thomas Aug-12
MBTC DOT   9312 Development of a Large-Scale   Transportation Optimization Course Root Sarah Nov-11
MBTC 4000 Alkali Silica Reaction Mitigation & Prevention Measures-Phase I Hale Micah Dec-16
MBTC 4001 Regional Economic Impact Study for the McClellan Kerr Arkansas River Nachtmann Heather Oct-15
Department   of Homeland Security (DHS)      
Project   #  Project Title  PI Last Name PI First Name  Completion Date 
MBTC DHS   1101 Designing Resilient and   Sustainable Supply Networks Pohl Edward Mar-12
MBTC DHS   1102 Model for Disaster Relief   Shelter Location and Supply Routing Rossetti Manuel Feb-10
MBTC DHS   1103 Automated Real-Time Object   Detection and Recognition on Transportation Facilities  Wang Kelvin Feb-10
MBTC DHS   1104 Structural Health Monitoring and Assessment of Critical Intermodal Transportation Infrastructure Elements Grimmelsman Kirk  Oct-14
MBTC DHS   1105 Information Enhancement Among   Aviation Security Partners Chimka Justin Apr-11
MBTC DHS   1106  Emergency Response via Inland   Waterways Nachtmann Heather Jul-11
MBTC DHS   1107  Practices and Technologies in   Hazardous Material Transportation and Security Wang Kelvin Nov-11
MBTC DHS   1108  Sustaining Resilient Inland   Waterways via Renewable Energy Nachtmann Heather Jul-11
MBTC DHS   1109 Models for Mitigating Dynamic   Risk in Multi-Modal Perishable Commodity Supply Chain Networks/span> Pohl Ed


Maritime Transportation Research and Education Center (MarTREC)       
MBTC 5001 Dynamic Decision Modeling for Inland Waterway Disruptions Zhang Shengfan  Dec-16
MBTC 5002 Optimal Dredge Fleet Scheduling within Environmental Work Windows Rainwater Chase Aug-16
MBTC 5003 Efficient Dredging Strategies for Improving Transportation Infrastructure Resilience Sullivan Kelly  Dec-16 
MBTC 5004 Economic Impacts of Lock Usage and Unavailabilities Chimka Justin Aug-16
MBTC 5005 Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways Nachtmann Heather  
MBTC 5006 Rapid and non-destructive assessment of levees for strength and liquefaction resistance Wood Clint July-17 
MBTC 5007 Multimodal Transport and TransLoad Facilities in Arkansas Chimka Justin Jan-15
MBTC 5008 Climate Impacts on Lock Use and Performance Chimka Justin  
MBTC 5009 Supporting Secure and Resilient Inland Waterways: Phase Two Nachtmann Heather  
MBTC 5010 Optimal Dredge Fleet Scheduling - Phase 2  Rainwater Chase  
MBTC 5011 Evaluating the Performance of Intermodal Connectors in Arkansas Hernandez Sarah  
MBTC 5012 Corrosion-tolerant pre-stressed CFRP fatigue retrofits for improved waterway lock reliability Prinz Gary  
Southern Plains Transportation Center        
SPTC 14.1-81 Development of the MASW Method for Pavement Evaluation Wood Clint Jul-16
SPTC 14.1-58 Evaluation and Repair of Bridges in Extreme Environments Prinz Gary Jan-16